Shower curtains for holiday centres

Holiday and accommodation centres have special atmosphere. Most guests do not pay attnetion to the way particular spaces have been arranged in. It does not mean at all that we should not try to arrange the temporary places of residence at an appropriate level. The most compfortable place to rest is where you can see that someone has thought it over and attmpted to emphasize the uniqueness and exceptional character of a given facility. Bathrooms and shower rooms tell us a lot about the approach of the owners and employees to the place. How to make the camp bathroom more attractive and make it finally stop scaring with its appearance?

Shower curtains for hostels

Hostels are establishments with small rooms intended for temporary stays. Due to the fact that many people visit these facilities every day for the purposes of short stays, the dynamics requires investing in the best interior furnishings. Shower curtains for bathrooms in hostels should be:

  • made of durable materials, preferably fully waterproof and textile
  • resistant to very intensive exploitation
  • properly loaded
  • compact form with attached pegs, color-matched to the colour of the shower bars
  • designed in an interesting and original way, it is possible thanks to the state-of-the-art technologies of print and 3D graphics

Shower curtains for a youth hostel – what to choose?

Designers’ suggestions amaze at every step. If we run a youth hostel and we want to breathe a little collour into the accommodation and bathroom spaces – it will be a great idea. Young people are fed up with tried and boring ideas where every hostel bathroom on the long journey is like any other they have encountered. Today, shower curtains feature motifs referring to the works of famous painters, comic and 3D motifs with a spatial illusion. The intensity of their colours remains the same even after many washes, also at higher temperatures.

Shower curtains for accommodation centres – plain or patterned?

It all depends on how we want to combine them stylistically with other bathroom accessories. The right solution could be to match the delicate structure of window shades with beige shower curtains. Although, in our opinion, more vivid and intense colours will be more appropriate. If the floor and wall tiles are in blue and green colours, we can invst in shower curtains with a similar colour combination. A white curtain with blue or navy blue stripes will also look intersting. It can be perfectly arranged in a bathroom in a nautical style with bathroom decorations somewhat reminiscent of elements of the ship’s decor and maritime atmosphere.

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