Landing page – what is it?

Landing pages are usually product pages aimed at encouraging the sale of a given product or service. Find out about the details of landing pages and discover how they can help your online activity become a success.

Landing page – page number one

First, there is an advertisement  in the form of a banner encouraging visitors to visit the website. This is the landing page that encourages you to buy and stop for a little longer. This tool makes sense especially when the website is refined in terms of graphics and has original and catchy content. The landing page as a website can exist separately or create an introductory part for a more complex website. The more extensive the dependency is, the more professional the customer impression is.

Landing page and its goals

The goals include:

  • generating potential customers, attracting them with a specific offer, arousing curiosity, increasing an interest in a commercial offer
  • activities based on an electronic form which is a tool for storing and obtaining personal data with email addresses and phone numbers of potential customers
  • offering individual products or services for sale and using other industry-related and thematically connected websites

    Quick redirection and effects

Just one click on the banner or an inconspicuous link somewhere on the currently viewed website. Landing page is an extension of the content kept in a small message on a banner or link. Some people mistakenly describe the landing page as the company page of a given offer. All content on it is intended to direct us towards the conversion page. The offer of a website after redirection is a separate thing. Conversion usually leads to subsequent actions.

They take the form of:

  • entering the purchasing process
  • transferring our data in the form of email and telephone
  • registering on the website
  • sending links and messages about the offer to our friends and relatives
  • reading about the history of the brand and getting to know the offer better even if we have some doubts
  • getting acquainted with the video materials and content from advertising brochures.