Discover ways to keep depression at bay

According to estimations, depression will be the most common condition in the world in the next few years. World Health Organization estimated that at least 264 million people worldwide suffer from this disease. It is worth remembering that depression, usually caused by external facotrs, in its clinical form has its origins in the nervous system. That is why preventive measure in this area are also important. Below you will find some ways which may help you when depression is just developing. They will not replace specialist help. Depression is one of the conditions people go to psychotherapists like those in Centrum NOWA in Warsaw.


Relaxation is meant to relax the body and thus the mind as well. The most popular relaxation techniques are Schultz’s Autogenous Training and Jacobson’s Graduated Relaxation.


Uninterrupted sleep of at least 7.5 hours is the doundation of success. To function effectively we should remember about adequate rest. People who suffer from depression feel tired faster and any activity can cost them a considerable amount of energy. Therefore, do not forget about proper regeneration.

Unprocessed food

Many psychodieticians pay attention to the beneficial power of diet in the treatment of depression. The products we eat should be as natural as possible. Fruits and vegetables should make the foundation of our diet. Besides, fish rich in omega acids will definitely be a good option. We should also choose bread, cereal and pasta in the wholemeal version.

Break the routine

Performing repetitive activities for people with depression can be overwhelming and have a negative impact on concentration and decision-making. Trying out new solutions, activities, discovering new places, gettning to know people and learning new skills significantly influences the production of dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone closely related to the feeling of pleasure.

Light physical exercise

Every activity is better than none. In depression, it is difficult to get out of bed but even a short walk results in the production of endorphines in our body. These hormones are responsible for our well-being. In addition, it has been proven that physical exercise has a positive effect on self-esteem. It is really worth jumping out of bed, stretching, going for a walk.

Resign from stimulants and sugar

Not to mention other stimulants (whose role seems obvious) resignation from caffeine can help fight depression. This substance present in coffee and various types of drinks makes it harder to fall asleep, adversly affects  the quality of sleep and also lowers the mood in the long run. It should be remembered that caffeine and other stimulants should be withrawn gradually because our body after consuming the substance for a long time, simply gets used to it.