Tourist attractions by the Bug

The Bug is a unique river by which everyone will find something for themselves. The largest tributary of the Vistula River delights with its beautiful landscapes. As it flows through areas which are tempting and with an interesting history and natural treasures, trips around the valley of this river may turn out to be a real treat for many of us. What treasures can you find in the Polish section of the Bug Valley? How can you discover its beauty?

The Bug Valley for naturalists and active recreation enthusiasts

The Bug River valley is primarily beautiful meadows and oxbow lakes. Thanks to them the scenery of the Bug River can enchant each of us. There are also beautiful landscapes, among which we should definitely mention Bug Landscape Park (Nadburzański Park Krajobrazowy) and the Landscape Park called Podlaski Przełom Bugu. There are lots of attractive options for those who want to spend their time in an active way. Bicycle tours and canoeing trips are very popular here. You can also go fo a walk along natural paths thanks to which you can get a lot of valuable information about the flora and fauna of the Bug area. The nature trail called Kózki is worth visiting, as well as the trail leadnig though the Głogi nature and lanscape complex. You can admire postglacial formations there, numerous gorges and interesting species of xerothermic plants. There are also many interesting routes for those tourists who prefer hiking. The Bug River Friendship Trail, over 320 km long, is very popular here. The Merchant Trail remind us that the Bug was once a river that played an extremely important role in the economy. This route includes, among others such towns as Drohiczyn, Siemiatycze and Niemirów. Fortification enthusiasts can visit the bunkers erected during the construction of the so-called Molotov Line, which are connected by the 20-km Bunker Trail.

The Bug area for tourists – what is worth visiting here?

People interested in history are likely to find a lot of attractions worth visiting here. This multicultural land has a lot to be proud of and discovering its past may turn out to be an amazing adventure. Which places are particularly worth visiting? The park and palace complex in Konstantynów and the Church of St. Antoni Paderewski in Gnojno, originally a Uniate church may easily  impress tourists fascinated with history. The Castle Hill in Mielnik, the Holy Grabarka Mountain and the wooden Orthodox church in Tokary – these are all places you should visit. Drohiczyn, known for its Castle Hill and centuries-old Catholic and Orthodox Churches also tempt with great monuments. During a trip around the Bug Valley, it is also worth visiting Siemiatycze where you can also see many interesting buildings reminding us about the hayday of this city.

The Bug Valley holds a lot of attractions for everyone. A wide range of active leisure, the possibility of spending spare time in the bosom of nature and visiting unique monuments – these are the opportunities that thourists can take advantage of. Considering that in many towns ans villages you can easily find cheap accommodation, tourism in the Bug valley begins to play an icreasingly important role.